Berlin inspires as a creative metropolis, as a start-up hub, as a place for innovative technology and science.



Berlin inspires. You can find fresh business models for your existing company or inspiration for your startup, new fashion Label. People see the creative metropolis as a start-up hub, as a place for innovative technology and innovative science. Many people call Berlin the Silicon Valley from Europe, in other words: Silicon Allee. At the moment it forms one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.

Berlin is located in the heart of Europe, together with the excellent infrastructure and outstanding research landscape are what makes Silicon Allee such a perfect environment for doing business. The 3,5 million residents living in the metropolitan consist of many talented people.

getting down to business in the Rainmaking Loft in Silicon Allee

start-up meeting in the Rainmaking Loft (c) Berlin Partner


  • International Talent Pool – High productivity at low labor costs
  • Excellent Infrastructure – attractive real estate and transport networks
  • Strong in Science and Research – unparalleled diversity and density within Germany
  • Family-friendly environment and a high quality of live
Future Technologies

From ideas to innovative products: Berlin provides perfect conditions for innovation and growth.

If you have a company or start-up in one of the following branches, make sure to go to Berlin soon, there will be many interesting chances for you!

  • Healthcare Industries
  • ICT
  • Media
  • Creative Industries
  • Transport / Mobility
  • Logistics
  • Energy Technologies
  • Photonics
Creative Commons Zero

Bits & ICT in Silicon Allee,  (c) Creative Commons Zero


Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers companies, investors and scientific institutions business and technology development support.

The offers range from custom project proposals and subsidy concepts for government incentive programs, to support with real-estate searches and assistance in recruiting qualified specialists. Berlin Partner connects valuable contacts between economy and science, provides technology transfer and consults companies about their international projects.

Check out the Berlin Partner Service Packages:

Business Financing Package
Business Location Package
Business Talent Package
Business Technology Package
Business International Package


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Business Meeting
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