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Neukoelln; Berlin’s answer to Brooklyn. Like Brooklyn, Neukoelln was once a largely immigrant neighbourhood; known then as Rixdorf, it was home to immigrants of mostly Turkish and Balkan origin. Since then, affordable rents coupled with an edgy character have drawn in young professionals, creatives, and burgeoning businesses.

(c) Andreas Lehner

(c) Andreas Lehner /

Today, over 22,000 commercial businesses in a variety of sectors operate within it, making Neukölln a thriving hub of diversity and creativity- a top choice for industry. A city within a city, with its own unique flavour. Here are some of the things that make it the perfect place for you…

Spirit of Enterprise

A large part of Neukölln commercial businesses are in the service sector, making this the perfect place to start up that dream cafe of yours. All good Neukölln locals know that the Schillerkiez area is where one goes for a good caffeine hit, and, with its resident hipsters, you’ll never be want of custom. Anything is possible. Just look at Gordon’s Cafe & Records; a coffehouse-cum-recordstore where punters can enjoy their coffee with a wee browse for some vinyls?


(c) Gordon / facebook

Or perhaps you’re a Paleo-diet enthusiast looking to set up your own Paleo-diet restaurant, a la Sauvage. Or maybe you just want to bring a slice of home back to Berlin to share with the locals; as Barry Burns of Scottish band Mogwai did when he opened Das Gift. Serving a great selection of Scottish whisky and beers, it has shown no lack of interest from locals and shows no signs of stopping.




Those in the technological industries will be well-served by how close the Neukölln is to the WISTA Adlershof Campus, with its focus on research, development and marketing of cutting-edge technology. At a mere 15mins in the car, or 30 mins in public transport, getting there is a breeze.


(c) Berlin Partner

Also in close proximity is the new Brandenburg Airport, due to open in 2017. Via the A113 autobahn, the construction of the airport is one of Berlin’s most promising infrastructure projects, and opens new opportunities for development to Neukölln, as the nearest district to the airport.


(c) Berlin Partner

Even More Space for Potential

The 4 main commercial districts of Neukölln are;

  • Teltowkanal Süd at approximately 35 hectares,
  • Grenzallee at 140 hectares,
  • Nördliche Sonnenallee with around 71 hectares,
  • and Kanalstraße with at 61 hectares,

making a grand total of 307 hectares of commercial space, ranging from property used for industrial purposes to modern offices. This makes Neukölln the holder of almost 10 % of Berlin’s industrial space. Currently, 79 % of all employees in companies in commercial areas work in manufacturing industries or in the service sector.

In addition, Neukölln is home to a series of smaller commercial areas including;

  • Hermannstraße/ Werbellinstraße (the former Kindl brewery),
  • Buckower Damm (which includes the Britz Süd subway plant),
  • Gerlinger Straße,
  • Haarlemer Straße.

But It’s Not All Work

Where to relax post-work? For an inner-city neighbourhood, an entire quarter of Neukölln is parkland and green space. Don’t forget the disposable BBQ and iPod deck. First off, we have Tempelhofer Feld. The grandaddy of all Berlin parks, and one of the biggest parks in the world, Tempelhofer Feld is an old airport repurposed into a park. Where the runways once were, now BBQs are being burned, beers are being downed, dogs are being walked and couples are showing too much PDA in the sun.

NEUKÖLLN: THRIVING HUB (c) visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

(c) visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Or for something a little more picturesque, head to Körnerpark. With a café and gallery, Körnerpark is a prime example of baroque garden design. In the summer, catch a free performance here at the weekend.


(c) Kö

NeukoElln At A Glance

  • Hip, thriving hub of activity.
  • A variety of industries can thrive here; service, technological, manufacturing.
  • Demand for qualified personnel in the companies in Neukölln.
  • Quick and easy access to the Adlershof Campus (WISTA).
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • Proximity to Brandenburg airport.
  • Direct autobahn access.
  • 307 hectares of commercial areas; Neukölln has almost 10 % of Berlin’s industrial space.

Sounds ideal? Maybe this hipster paradise sounds like the perfect place for you, or maybe not. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, help is at hand to find you your tribe and home. Get in on the action- there’s always something new round the corner!

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