Berlin inspires as a creative metropolis, as a start-up hub, as a place for innovative technology and science.

Start Alliance Berlin

Startup City Berlin

With around 500 new tech startups per year, Berlin is Germany’s capital for startups. Berlin has a fast-growing startup scene and a successful infrastructure for financing and funding. With numerous incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces, the city provides prime conditions for entrepreneurs from around the world. Berlin is internationally recognized as a startup hub and as a breeding ground for creative people who want to change the world.

Start Alliance Berlin – an International Network


With the “Start Alliance Berlin”, Berlin Partner supports startups from Berlin and abroad which would like to enter new markets. Startups from abroad are invited to test Berlin – and Berlin startups are supported to work in international partner cities.

Partner Cities

Partner cities of the Start Alliance Berlin are:

  • Tel Aviv
  • New York
  • Shanghai
  • Paris
  • Berlin
Who is this program for

This program is aimed at Berlin startups that …

  • Are looking for international cooperation partners or
  • would like to expand and enter new markets or
  • are rising capital internationally or
  • are recruiting internationally.

Participating startups have to be beyond the idea phase, there has to be at least a prototype of the product.

Why should you apply

Accepted startups receive free office space in local co-working spaces, access to startup communities and mentoring about main topics of market development. With this, not only the respective co-working spaces on site are helping but also a global network of corporate partners. The program in Berlin is held in batches of 15 to 20 startups.

How to apply

Startups which are interested in the StartAlliance program are invited to apply online.


The Start Alliance offers for Berlin startups
The Start Alliance offers for international startups

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