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The perfect place for scientists

Career planning? Job search and application? Career change? If you start a new job at an institution of higher education or research institute in Berlin as a scientist or scholar, the question „How does this step affect my partner’s career?“ will be quick to follow.

“Berlin is the perfect place for scientists to combine an excellent scientific environment with family life” says Prof. Giuseppe Caire, „Alexander von Humboldt-Professor“ at Technische Universität Berlin and he should know. His wife Dr. Isabella Fassola – a medicine doctor – has moved with him to Berlin and used the Dual Career Network Berlin (DCNB) to help with the recognition of her foreign professional qualifications. Thus, a first step has been achieved in order to obtain the license to practice medicine and to be professionally active in Berlin.

The Dual Career Network Berlin 

The scientific institutions of Berlin do not only attract the brightest minds, they also provide a central point of contact for all dual-career couples who are new to the capital or moving within Berlin via the Dual Career Network Berlin. This Berlin-wide, service-orientated network assists accompanying partners with any questions they may have about rebooting their career in Berlin including consultation and coaching services. You can take advantage of the DCNB consulting services if you are already in Berlin or even before the final decision to move to the capital city has been made.

The Dual Career Network Berlin will provide you with information and advice.

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