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As a response to climate and demographic change, Berlin is increasing the attractiveness of its urban spaces and enhancing integration of industry and science through becoming a digital, smart city. But what exactly makes Berlin smart and digital?

Smart Technologies AND Aesthetics

In Berlin, it’s not only about creating smart solutions, but also about conceiving an appealing aesthetic of new products and technologies – combining innovation with creativity. For example take Elegant embellishments, a Berlin-based company producing attractive facade finishings that also serve as smog-eaters to combat the effects of low-level pollution in cities.

(c) Elegant Embellishments

IT Competence

Berlin certainly sets the pace for innovation with its strength in digital security, smart mobility, digital health, and data-driven innovation. Around 75 million euros of funding flows annually into companies and projects for information and communication technology, as well as the media and creative sectors. Companies such as Amazon Offices, a Tech Hub of the e-Commerce giant with 150 software developers and managers, system engineers and web developers…

(c) Amazon Web ServicesI

…or Cisco IOE Innovation Center’s openBerlin, a creative Center specializing in areas of production, transportation and logistics all around the »Internet of Everything«,…

(c) Cisco Systems GmbH

…or Optimal Systems, a Berlin-founded group with more than 330 employees throughout Europe, developing software solutions for enterprise content management…

(c) Berlin Partner/Fotolia

…drive the digital revolution to entirely new levels. For more information on Berlin’s advantages as an IT location, visit the Business Location Center and

Smart Collaboration

There are already many interdisciplinary projects that generate and utilize synergies from the public sphere, science and research, as well as businesses – a great environment to draw inspiration from.

Especially in the fields of:

Berlin politics, businesses and research facilities unite in their common goals. That’s why the Mayor of Tempelhof-Schöneberg and partners Berlin Partner, Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH, ibb and EUREF AG, award annually the “GREEN BUDDY BERLIN” – from this year including the category Smart Cities – a city-wide appreciation of innovative and highly marketable projects that apply Smart City ideas on a multidisciplinary basis.

(c) Nady el Tounsy

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