Berlin economic atlas - explore the business location

Location scouting made easy

Take a 3D walk through the German capital!

The Berlin Economic Atlas combines 2D and 3D geospatial mapping data with detailed information to help you find the ideal location to develop your business endeavour in Berlin.

It provides an industry-specific overview, points out economical hotspots, allocates information concerning structural and technical planning. The search tool allows you to quickly find out about public transport options, explore scientific facilities as well as the nearby infrastructure, e.g. restaurants, hotels, kindergartens and even rent levels.

State of the art mapping service

The imagery - including footage of the Schönefeld airport and future BER airport - was exclusively produced for the Berlin Economic Atlas in August 2018, which makes the it an accurate and up-to-date city map.

In addition to economic and planning data, the application provides information about living in Berlin.

Tailored to your needs

The business atlas comprises a cartographic 2D view, a 3D city model as well as the newest imagery photographed from the air and an untextured planning view. These perspectives offer users a thorough look at the surroundings of any Berlin urban area.

2D map view economic atlas berlin, business location finder
Example: Explore Berlin's health industry and life science locations

What are you looking for in a business location?

With the system’s search tool users can locate further information about the region, search by keyword, company name, sector or street name and compile information on specific selected fields. This allows to quickly identify hard and soft location factors, for example which industry leaders and potential collaborators, business centres and coworking spaces are nearby as well as a property’s proximity to public transit lines, cafés, schools and hospitals. Other important aspects of infrastructure, such as rental levels, are also included.

3D map view economic atlas berlin, business location finder
Example: Locate the most suitable coworking or flexible office space

It’s your turn!

Head to the business location center website to try out the Berlin Economic Atlas and start your stroll around the business location Berlin.

Do you need support with searching the Atlas? The “Help” menu can be found in the top right corner on the homepage and provides more detailed information on the user interface and the map’s functionality.  

The Berlin Economic Atlas is a service of the Berlin Partner for Business and Technology's Business Location Center and the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

Images: Berlin Economic Atlas

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Why should you start a business in Berlin?

Welcome to Berlin – the vibrant city in the heart of Europe! Berlin attracts businesses and startups from every sector. Science, research, and creative industries also love Berlin. True innovators enjoy living and working in Berlin, as the conditions for setting up a company in the city are outstanding.


Berlin offers the ideal infrastructure for setting up a company. The city’s new international airport makes Berlin quicker and easier to reach than ever from all over Europe and the world. Berlin’s public transport network is extensive and excellent. Office space is plentiful and rents are still lower than in most European capitals. And if you just want to test the waters, few cities have as many co-working spaces as Berlin.

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Innovative Industries

In Berlin, you can join networks and discover businesses in all the key innovative industries, including high tech, healthcare, life sciences, service economy, mobility, and logistics. There is also plenty of potential for rewarding and conducive partnerships with research facilities and other institutions and organisations in Berlin.

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Starting Out and Scaling Up

Feel the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin! Berlin startups such as Zalando, DaWanda, and ImmobilienScout24 are major influencers in the German market, and venture builders like Rocket Internet and Project A are also located in Berlin. Accelerators and incubators exist at every level and for almost any sector.

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Research & Science

Berlin is the capital for researchers and scientists in Europe. You’ll find research on the hottest topics in fields like bio technology, medicine, communication technology, photonics, mobility and transport, and more, carried out by top-level experts at universities and institutions of world renown.

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Living in Berlin

Finally, the large pool of highly skilled specialists from all over the world is a key reason to locate a company in Berlin. Thanks to the relatively low cost of living and vibrant cultural scenes, Berlin attracts many highly talented people – which directly benefits businesses in the city.

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A growing German economy – good for entrepreneurs and investors

GDP growth is high and unemployment is low. A large market with consumers who like to spend. It's a great time for investments and market entry in Germany. Reason-Why.Berlin offers useful information on the German economy and various aspects of building business in Berlin.