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AdMaCom 2022 Demo Day

The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) invites you to the 2022 Spring Edition of the Advanced Materials Competition Demo Day.

Join us in person in Berlin (for a limited number of guests) or online to hear pitches from exciting startups in materials science.

The teams come from all over the world and the Demo Day marks their graduation from our intense 2 week Accelerator Program, AdMaCom.

Presenting at demo-day:

  • Clean Ocean Coatings (Germany): develops a biocide free antifouling coating which saves shipping companies time and fuel
  • CM Materials (USA): bringing a novel material to the market that can make power magnetic components smaller and more efficient, simultaneously.
  • Guardion, Inc. (USA): redefining trace detection with advances in 2D materials, making more efficient industrial process monitoring and more portable chemical analysis equipment
  • ICOMAT LIMITED (UK): has developed the world's first and only automated manufacturing process that can place wide composite tapes along curved paths (fibre-steering) without generating any defects
  • Krosslinker (Singapore): designs and develops an advanced energy-efficient material 'aerogel' for thermal insulation applications
  • LOVR (Germany): develops the world's first plastic-free and 100% vegetable leather alternative made from hemp fibres
  • Low Sulphur Fuels (UK): has developed a patented chemical recycling process that produces circular outputs that can be used to produce numerous valuable products
  • Mars Materials (USA): develops a new pathway for acrylamide and carbon fiber production using CO₂ as a raw material.
  • PCN Materials (Greece): produces innovative, high-performance photocatalytic materials
  • SolOLED (UK): provides sustainable and cost-effective materials for solution-processed organic light-emitting diode
  • SUMATRIX BIOTECH (Turkey): repurposes industrial waste into bioactive and sustainable biocellulose-based products

Admission is free of charge. Go to registration!


About AdMaCom

The Advanced Materials Competition (AdMaCom) is Europe’s only startup accelerator program dedicated solely to serving the needs of Advanced Materials Startups. It is a fast-paced 2 week Accelerator Program for Startups in Advanced Materials. 

​AdMaCom focuses on: IP Strategy, Investment & funding opportunities, Technical & Business Mentoring, Pitch training and Networking - this is what we have learned are the most important things for startups in Materials.

To learn more about AdMaCom, read the story of OrelTech, who won the competition in 2017 and then moved from Israel to Berlin.



Header Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash