Urban Energy Forum 2019

Urban Energy Forum 2020

Meet us at Berlin Brandenburg Energy network’s most exciting event of the year.

The Urban Energy Forum 2020 focuses on one of the most important grassroots movements to emerge in the 21° century - cities and regions accelerating the energy transition by establishing their own ambitious goals to reach 100% renewable energy. While countries around the world continue on a path of relative inaction, more and morecities are taking the fight against climate change into their own hands. The climate leadership emanating from our urban centres gives hopeto the tall task of a rapid energy transition.

This year's Urban Energy Forum will capture the ambitions, solutions and success stories of cities on the cutting edge of the global energy transition, and open a dialogue on how they can be scaled at a global level. It will bring together a diverse mix of industry, political, and scientific leaders from all over the world who are working to bring our cities to 100% renewable energy. 

The Urban Energy Forum is an official side event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, one of the preeminent global events on the energy transition and the centrepiece of the Berlin Energy Week.

Header Image: iStockphoto.com/lechatnoir

Urban Energy Forum 2020: Berlin