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Berlin – the heart of Europe

Berlin is booming. Like many major cities in Europe, Berlin is becoming an increasingly appealing destination for entrepreneurs.

The capital has the advantage of being situated in the heart of Europe. It is easily accessible from everywhere, both by plane and railway. But Berlin isn’t just a European hotspot because of its location in the centre of the continent.

Made in Berlin – Capital of inventors and entrepreneurs

Berlin is international. People of around 186 different nationalities live here, contributing their culture and cuisine to Berlin’s characteristic flair. You’ll hear nearly every world language spoken in the capital. The city not only has a fascinating history, but it is also pulsing with resourceful, innovative spirit and cutting-edge entrepreneurship:

  • 1854 Heinrich Goebel invents the light bulb
  • 1870 Deutsche Bank founded
  • 1881 Friedrich von Hefner-Alteneck designs the first electric streetcar
  • 1926 Lufthansa founded
  • 1935 Konrad Zuse invents the first computer
  • 1949 Currywurst invented

What makes Berlin different? The German capital stays true to its roots and is always open to all kinds of people and their ideas.

Berlin – one of Europe’s main technology hubs

Berlin’s economy continues to grow. The commercial growth and rising employment rate draw an increasing number of international companies that want to invest in Berlin and play a long-term role in this development. Tech companies in particular are moving to the capital in higher and higher numbers, with the fintech sector thriving. Tech companies love the capital since it offers a large pool of highly skilled developers and product managers. In fact, a lot of international, highly qualified individuals come to Berlin to work. As a result, the startup scene is flourishing, and Berlin has recently transformed into the startup hub of Europe.

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Berlin is a centre of science in Europe

Berlin is home to a number of universities and research centres that are well-known around the world. With a workforce of more than 30,000, the sciences constitute one of the largest segments of Berlin’s employment market. Internationally renowned scientists come to Berlin to continue their scientific research and benefit from international expertise. We help you get your foot in the door with the local business scene.

>> Read more: https://reason-why.berlin/science-city/

A metropolitan hub for international startups and investors

Berlin is an attractive destination for startups on a national, European, and international level. More and more startups from different countries are choosing to open offices in Berlin, thus strengthening Berlin’s economy. A growing number of foreign entrepreneurs are also deciding to found their business in the German metropolis. Berlin has it all.

  • Growing startup infrastructure
  • International flair
  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable office spaces
  • Extensive consulting and support options

This obviously also draws a lot of investors, who are increasingly likely to set up shop and invest in Berlin. They, too, benefit from the abundance of funding and financing resources available in the capital.