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How to enjoy Berlin for free

Berlin has so much to offer that the sheer volume of options can make it really hard to make a decision. If you're running on a tight budget, the list of free experiences is (luckily) a little shorter but no less fun. 

Get a feeling for the city and its history

If you’re brand new to the city, you might still be finding your way around the capital. But fret not: A good way to get familiar is Berlin Partner’s free, regular “Welcome to Berlin Tours” that emphasise the aspects of living in the city and allow you to start or enlarge your network.

There’s history literally behind every street corner, and there are many historic landmarks to discover for free – like airport-turned public park Tempelhofer Feld, the Reichstag dome with stunning views around the city or Tränenpalast’s in-depth look at GDR history. However, a great way to explore the heart and soul of Berlin beyond the usual tourist destinations is Alternative Berlin, who introduce you to underground sights and sounds, world-famous graffiti art, as well as the hangouts of famous and infamous music scenes. To dig into the real, everyday Berlin, get in touch with Berlin Greeters. They offer individual walks for small groups around a specific Kiez (or neighbourhood), geared to visitors’ interests and filled with fun anecdotes by a “greeter” knowing the area inside out.

Berlin is full of hidden street art to explore © Landlopers

Galleries and museums

Berlin takes pride in its vibrant cultural art scene. Scattered over the city, there are  stunning galleries with changing exhibitions to check out without spending a single cent. One of them is Kreuzberg’s König Galerie at brutalist church St. Agnes.

The Others, curated by Elmgreen & Dragset © König Galerie

Over in Mitte, Carlier Gebauer and DITTRICH & SCHLECHTREIM are two art spaces known for their immersive exhibitions. Surrounded by big outdoor murals lining Bülowstraße, URBAN NATION, has only recently opened its doors to the public and invites people to discover and learn about urban contemporary art. During 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin’s southern district is brimming with art explorers, who make their way from one participating gallery, museum or artist studio to the next. But even if you like to pay the more established, state-funded museums in Berlin a visit, these often have a free day once a month or week. Here you can find a list of all the museums that are always entirely free.

Basketball, football, ping pong

Berlin has a lot to offer when you want to exercise for free. Of course, nobody would charge you for jogging, but there's actually a lot more you can do. Berlin has many public places where you can play basketball or football, for example at Volkspark Friedrichshain, Wasserturmplatz, Gleisdreieck Park and many more. If you have a racket and a ball: perfect! Then you can start your sports career at one of the thousands of ping-pong tables around the city. Dedicated Berliners also offers free yoga courses among others at Give Something Back to Berlin.

Live music and street festivals

If you love live music, just walk around Maybachufer, Warschauer Straße U-Bahn station or Mauerpark. Maybe you'll be lucky and get to listen to the next big star - who knows? Even Ed Sheeran was a street musician before he made deals with major record labels. In the summer, there are also several street and music festivals happening, such as Fête de la Musique and Zug der Liebe, Berlin’s dance and techno demonstration. If you are after something low-key and intimate, the Berlin branch of Sofar Sounds hosts secret gigs in someone’s living room, garage or retail space, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. The concerts are on a donation-basis – you give what you like – and as space is very limited, you have to apply to take part in a ticket lottery.

© Sofar Sounds

Explore the outskirts

And if you like to escape the metropolis and enjoy a bit of calm and greenery, there are plenty of options on the outskirts of Berlin. You could pack a bag, hop on the train and head for one of Berlin’s beautiful lakes like Schlachtensee, Müggelsee, Liepnitzsee. Get lost on a hike through the vast Grunewald forest or make your way up Teufelsberg, a man-made hill which formerly hosted an American spy station in Cold War times. Feeling like traveling back in time even further? Then visit Potsdam and go on a stroll through the monumental gardens of Sanssouci Palace and imagine what life was like at court in mid-18th century Prussia.

Schlachtensee © Visit Berlin / Dagmar Schwelle

There's more...

If you want to get more tips, just log in to one of the free wifi networks in Berlin and Potsdam and check out some blogs about living in Berlin. For example, iheartberlin’s event calendar is full of treasures, while AskHelmut has a finger on the pulse and regularly offers raffles for guest list spots and specials to enjoy for free. Check it out!

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Why should you start a business in Berlin?

Welcome to Berlin – the vibrant city in the heart of Europe! Berlin attracts businesses and startups from every sector. Science, research, and creative industries also love Berlin. True innovators enjoy living and working in Berlin, as the conditions for setting up a company in the city are outstanding.


Berlin offers the ideal infrastructure for setting up a company. The city’s new international airport makes Berlin quicker and easier to reach than ever from all over Europe and the world. Berlin’s public transport network is extensive and excellent. Office space is plentiful and rents are still lower than in most European capitals. And if you just want to test the waters, few cities have as many co-working spaces as Berlin.

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Innovative Industries

In Berlin, you can join networks and discover businesses in all the key innovative industries, including high tech, healthcare, life sciences, service economy, mobility, and logistics. There is also plenty of potential for rewarding and conducive partnerships with research facilities and other institutions and organisations in Berlin.

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Starting Out and Scaling Up

Feel the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin! Berlin startups such as Zalando, DaWanda, and ImmobilienScout24 are major influencers in the German market, and venture builders like Rocket Internet and Project A are also located in Berlin. Accelerators and incubators exist at every level and for almost any sector.

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Research & Science

Berlin is the capital for researchers and scientists in Europe. You’ll find research on the hottest topics in fields like bio technology, medicine, communication technology, photonics, mobility and transport, and more, carried out by top-level experts at universities and institutions of world renown.

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Living in Berlin

Finally, the large pool of highly skilled specialists from all over the world is a key reason to locate a company in Berlin. Thanks to the relatively low cost of living and vibrant cultural scenes, Berlin attracts many highly talented people – which directly benefits businesses in the city.

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A growing German economy – good for entrepreneurs and investors

GDP growth is high and unemployment is low. A large market with consumers who like to spend. It's a great time for investments and market entry in Germany. Reason-Why.Berlin offers useful information on the German economy and various aspects of building business in Berlin.