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27.05.2024 | Tech and Business News

Another €8M for Data Tool Rows

If pivot-tables scare you, Rows is the answer. This sleek spreadsheet tool provides an easy way to build big tables and includes some really useful templates with prebuilt formulas. Sharing work with others in your team is slick and you can connect your Rows to be fed by external sources through integrations to almost anything, from Analytics to Mailchimp or Salesforce, even TikTok. By integrating data from other (business) software, you can click together dashboards, reports, or even basic web-apps such as interactive forms out of your Rows, so that this web-based tool could compete with lead generation or marketing automation solutions. All this cool stuff comes along with the standard spreadsheet functionality we’re used to. So if you are an Excel fan, you’ll find all the functions you love in Rows, plus a whole lot more, including an AI analyst and co-pilot. Now founders Torben Schulz and Humberto Ayres Pereira have raised another €8M, as EU-Startups reports, with which they want to expand Rows’ presence in key markets USA, UK and Europe.

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