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01.11.2022 | Tech and Business News

Berlin’s Charité is “Germany’s best clinic 2023”

The popular German news magazine Fokus prepares a ‘Clinic List’ every year with the help of the FactField research institute. They evaluate 1,659 public hospitals and 14,346 specialist clinics in a national comparison, which makes the ranking the most comprehensive in the German-speaking world. The report is based on detailed self-assessments, certifications, and by asking 30,000 physicians from private practices and clinics which hospital they would go to themselves or send a relative to. The scoring takes into account factors such as the number of cases, the success of operations, complication rates, technical equipment, the number of supervising physicians, qualifications of the nursing staff, participation in quality initiatives, patient satisfaction, and hygiene standards. 

For the 11th year running, the Charité university hospital with its 84 outstanding specialist departments is ranked as the best hospital in Germany. This comes after US magazine Newsweek placed the Charité at fifth place in their worldwide ranking. Prof. Heyo K. Kroemer, Chairman of the Board of Charité, acknowledges the “21,000 dedicated employees who work in a wide variety of departments and positions, trying to make Charité a little better every day.”

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