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24.05.2024 | Tech and Business News

Captain T Cell Secures €8.5M for Novel Cancer Therapy

Captain T Cell, a spin-off from the renowned Max Delbrück Center, announced the successful closing of an €8.5 million seed financing round. The round saw participation from i&i Biotech Fund I SCSp, Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, and HIL-INVENT Ges.m.b.H, alongside support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research's GO-Bio program.

The funding will accelerate the development of Captain T Cell’s next-generation T cell therapies targeting solid tumors. The company’s innovative approach includes a first-in-class lead program and a novel allogeneic platform for off-the-shelf treatments. These therapies utilize enhanced TCR-T cells designed to persist and function in hostile tumor environments. Preclinical studies have demonstrated the complete eradication of aggressive tumors using these enhanced T cells.

Dr. Felix Lorenz, CEO of Captain T Cell, stated, “This successful financing round allows us to accelerate our high-potential therapies and brings us closer to providing life-saving options for patients underserved by current treatments.”

The company benefits from its roots at the Max Delbrück Center, a leading European biomedical research institution, which provided crucial support during its pre-seed phase.

The seed financing also marks the appointment of biotech veteran Jörn Aldag as Chairman of the Board of Directors, enhancing the company’s strategic direction.

The information for this article is sourced from the company's press release.

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