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09.02.2022 | Tech and Business News

$44 M for Numa Mass-Market Boutique Hotels

The Numa Group, formerly Cosi Group, successfully completed a Series B round to the tune of $44 M, as BusinessInsider reports. Investors, among them Headline, Cherry Ventures, and Scope Hanson, are impressed by Numa’s rapid growth. Their concept of disruptive design hotels for modern longstay travelers is proving successful, with an occupancy rate of an incredible 85%. The 2,500 rooms and suites in European cities such as Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and Vienna are the product, but pretty much everything else is digital. Behind the booking and room allocation process is an intelligent software creating dynamic pricing to ensure a higher occupancy rate. Check-in is virtual and even the housekeeping is organized digitally. Numa estimates costs at around 40 percent less than traditional hotels. Particularly interesting is Numa Go, through which smaller hotel operators can partake of Numa’s technology.

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