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14.12.2021 | Tech and Business News

Europe’s 4 Fastest Unicorns All from Berlin

The 2021 report on the state of European tech by venture capital investor Atomico puts Europe “on par with the US” in terms of capital invested, new unicorns, and especially the startup pipeline. Food works, as marketsgermany sums up: the startup to reach unicorn status fastest was food delivery company Flink, valued at one billion EUR only eight months after being founded. In December 2021 Flink secured 750 million USD in a new round and its valuation went up to 2.85 billion USD. In the report, they were followed competitor Gorillas, which reached unicorn level in nine months, and by e-commerce accumulators and aggregators SellerX and Razor Group, who buy up promising cottage industries that rely on Amazon fulfillment and build them up into professional brands.

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