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13.01.2022 | Tech and Business News

Going Green Made Easy

Less than a year after founding, Ostrom has already leapt into the top 25% of energy providers in Germany. Offering a fully digital and customer-centric experience as a modern electricity supplier, the startup certainly feels less weighty than traditional energy conglomerates that lock customers into long-term contracts with tariffs that are hard to understand. For a consumer, the change to fully green energy takes, according to Ostrom, less than five minutes, and after that everything else is on your Ostrom app. Customers in over 400 German cities are already convinced. AIUpNow report that founders Matthias Martensen and Karl Villanueva just raised €4.4 million pre-seed funding from VC funds such as 468 Capital and angel investors including Gorillas co-founder Jörg Kattner. Ostrom is now ready to expand into the rest of Europe.

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