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20.01.2022 | Tech and Business News

Hard Cash For Softr

The platform Softr makes it easy for company staff to build their own business apps such as customer portals, internal tools, or dashboards powered by company data. The ambitious aim of the Berlin-based company is to create the world’s largest ecosystem for building no-code apps. Softr provides the building blocks of the application, including frontend, business logic, and backend (such as authentication, lists and tables and charts, payments, calendar, etc.). At the moment, an app built with Softr can suck data out of Airtable, but with a new financing round to the tune of $13.5 million, founders Mariam Hakobyan and Artur Mkrtchyan want to professionalize by allowing Softr users to hook into Google Sheets, SQL relational databases, APIs, and the like. They also want to set up a template marketplace and a component marketplace for third party components. Their vision is a work environment of “custom-built solutions that adapt to your work, not the other way round”.

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