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27.06.2022 | Tech and Business News

Heigh-Ho, WorkMotion Is Going Off To Work

Founded in 2020, the Berlin startup WorkMotion already has more than 500 customers. Their HR platform gives streamlined solutions to companies that employ internationally, especially remote. Hiring, onboarding, compliance, and payroll – all those headaches are handled by founder and CEO Carsten Lebtig’s ‘Global Talent OS’, reducing the complexity of running international teams for HR departments. The product WorkFlex helps your company offer employees the flexibility to work abroad temporarily in line with compliance. WorkDirect helps you register your business abroad. And WorkGobal helps you create an EoR, an Employer Of Record, basically a separate legal entity in another country that acts as employer and is direct subsidiary to your company. Since new work is gaining more of a foothold, international investors (including Berlin’s Activant Capital) are backing WorkMotion with $50 M in Series B Funding, FinSMEs reports.

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