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29.03.2023 | Tech and Business News

Hygraph Gets €28M For Storing Knowledge

Pretty much anything you want to build involves information of one sort or another, which means usually the question arises of how to store or organize this content. Often you can imagine it as a kind of Excel spreadsheet, with items of knowledge in single cells. Traditional databases might arrange the items hierarchically in sets and subsets. However, much knowledge actually depends on the relationships of the sets. For example, consumer A may become owner of product Y, and have a whole load of other relations such as a subscription here or a membership there. Traditional databases have problems coping with this kind of complexity, so that is where graph databases come into play. For developers of websites or apps, using an existing database onto which they can add their own presentation layer in the form of an app interface is much easier than programming the data storage themselves. Hygraph (formerly known as GraphCMS) “distributes content from anywhere to everywhere” using APIs or webhooks. It provides a so-called “headless” content management system, meaning the knowledge is there in the body of the database, but the customers can put a head onto it in the sense of an app or website. “Many-to-many linking between multiple content sources and devices”, is how Hygraph founder Michael Lukaszczyk puts it. Now the young company has announced the closing of a series B financing round of €28M ($30M), as Gruenderszene reports. This will delight Hygraphs 400+ customers, including Samsung, Shure, and Philips.

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