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13.09.2022 | Tech and Business News

Latana Knows What You’re Thinking

With Latana, companies can ask mobile users what they think of the brand – and of the competition. Latana presents such custom questions to mobile users within ad space in microsurveys, and then shows clients the results in a dashboard that helps them view their KPIs. It’s a way for companies to get insights about brand awareness without having to resort to expensive market research agencies. The tool has also been used for the Democracy Perception Index, the annual global study on the perception of democracies. Latana-founder Nico Jaspers is quick to point out that the platform does not store personal data while “collecting tens of millions of answers per month from millions of users across the world.” Now Latana has acquired €36M in series B funding – as picked up from techcrunch – with which to make the algorithms more accurate.

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