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17.12.2021 | Tech and Business News

More Detail, Less Volume? Hear, hear!

Berlin startup Mimi Hearing Technologies helps you hear better sound across your speakers and devices by personalizing the sound frequencies to match your hearing. Their customers include “electronic device manufacturers, streaming providers and hearing aid companies”. Siliconcanals describes how “the technology adapts the audio signal to a user’s hearing ability and tries to compensate for less than perfect hearing”, so that users don’t have to turn the sound up in order to hear. With Mimi, “there is no loss of detail even at lower volumes”. Mimi has just won a €22.1M Series B funding round led by MIG Capital. According to Moritz Bratzke, CFO of Mimi, “Their investment in Mimi is another testament to the depth and breadth of the German venture capital climate …”

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