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24.05.2023 | Tech and Business News

Predictable? AI firm G2K acquired.

Parsifal is an AI tool that makes useful everyday predictions out of data points by turning “information into knowledge”. It is a product by G2K, a company based in Berlin and Munich and backed by Christ & Company as well as the BBB. The tool can, for instance, tell when a traffic jam is about to happen or that there will be a slow down in a logistics center or which products are running out on which shelves in a supermarket chain. Their AI analyzes large volumes of aggregated data in real time and makes concrete recommendations for actions. Now G2K has announced that it is being taken over by US enterprise business platform ServiceNow in what is probably the biggest AI deal yet in Germany, though exact sums have not been disclosed. According to information from Business Insider, the amount involved was in the high three-digit millions.

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