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15.09.2022 | Tech and Business News

Regenerating Agriculture: Klim for Modern Farmers

Agriculture and food production as practiced in the last century are major contributors to the climate crisis. Most farmers are aware of this, so it is no wonder that 1700 of them have already signed up to Klim, despite the startup still being at quite an early stage. Regulatory requirements for farmers are rising, and Klim gives them a head start to comply by helping them to adopt regenerative methods. In the app they can “document their environmental and climate protection achievements” and even get pay-outs for them. Furthermore, Klim makes food brands climate friendly by advising on strategy, reducing supply chain emissions, and helping to get compensation through carbon credits. There’s a business model behind Klim, and Berlin-based food and greentech investor Green Generation Fund has just backed the young company with €6.5M, as TechCrunch reports in an in-depth article. Founder and MD Dr. Robert Gerlach is pragmatically interested in helping farmers manage their current situation in the short term while at the same time working towards huge societal changes in food production, saying for instance that the “transition of moving from a meat-based to a plant-based economy is one that is driven by the consumer.” Furthermore he argues, “If we want to have any realistic chance of achieving the 1.5 degree temperature targets we need to … stop dreaming about some far away, not ready technologies that will never be able to scale up to achieve that goal.”

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