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10.01.2023 | Tech and Business News

Sold To The USA!

The only good reason to leave Berlin is when your startup has been sold to the US for an undisclosed sum that is rumored to approach $100M. Immerok is still a swaddling company, having been founded less than a year ago in May 2022. Yet it has been snapped up by Confluent, a Californian data analysis firm that emerged out of LinkedIn, as Business Insider’s founder scene reports. The technologies of both companies do pretty much the same thing, namely stream processing, which is the sorting and assessing of data from various sources in real-time, such as website usage, without the need to save it on any servers – which means it potentially gets around many data protection regulations. Immerok founders Holger Temme, Johannes Moser, and Konstantin Knauf all used to work at Berlin’s stream processing platform Ververica, which was bought up by Chinese giant Alibaba in 2019. Within less than half a year of founding their own company, Messrs Temme, Moser, and Knauf had started a test-phase and received seed financing of €17M.

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