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22.08.2022 | Tech and Business News

Sourcing Industrial Components With CNC24

If you’re a manufacturer, you need precision components. If you don’t need a high volume of such components, because for instance your order is small or you are developing something new, individual parts may be expensive. Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) tools are motorized and maneuverable automated machines that fashion material to precision, drilling or sawing exactly the same pattern every time. CNC24 is a Berlin-based company specialized in meeting the component needs of manufacturers, even when the number of items needed is small. CNC24 provides milling, sheet metal working, die casting, laser cutting and more services for pretty much every industry, be it for instance aerospace or medical technology. You upload your specs and technical drawing and receive a quote within 48 hours. The AI-powered platform by CNC24 finds the right producer and guarantees quality control and non-disclosure. The company was founded by Willi Ruopp and Marlon Gerat in 2019 and has already generated an offer volume of over €500M. Now silicon canals reports that CNC24 has raised over €8M in a Series A round.

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