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15.12.2021 | Tech and Business News

Vay More Money for Teledriven E-Cars

It’s not a rental, and it’s not autonomous driving. It’s a Vay. The Berlin startup has just received €84 M in it’s second round of financing, Handelsblatt reports. This capital should suffice to get the first cars with so-called “teledrivers” on the road. You order a vehicle and it seems to drive by itself to your location. You get in and drive it normally. When you’ve arrived at your destination and leave the car, it drives off again on its own. In fact, the vehicle is operated by remote control, by a teledriver sitting behind a steering wheel in something like a simulator, looking at 360° screens, with their feet on pedals. This approach bridges the time-gap until true autonomous driving is allowed, which is generally expected for the 2030s.

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