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28.04.2022 | Tech and Business News

Why Informed Is News

A curated news platform may not seem like the most technically innovative idea, but for the new news app Informed the whole point is the strength of real human journalistic experience over algorithms. On the advisory board as shareholders are industry heavyweights Lionel Barber (former Financial Times editor), Katharine Weymouth (former Washington Post publisher), and former Economist editor-in-chief Bill Emmott. Subscribers will get measured and in depth content from a variety of sources on relevant news stories, in an effort to avoid tech traps like echo chambers, misinformation, and polarization. Co-founder Martin Kaelble wants to help publishers gain readers who would rather subscribe to a variety of outlets than just one publication. Bloomberg reports that German investors, among them 468 Capital, have provided €5 M ($5.4 M) seed funding.

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