Neukölln: Thriving Hub


The 4 main commercial districts of Neukölln are;

  • Teltowkanal Süd at approximately 35 hectares,
  • Grenzallee at 140 hectares,
  • Nördliche Sonnenallee with around 71 hectares,
  • and Kanalstraße with at 61 hectares,

making a grand total of 307 hectares of commercial space, ranging from property used for industrial purposes to modern offices. This makes Neukölln the holder of almost 10 % of Berlin’s industrial space. Currently, 79 % of all employees in companies in commercial areas work in manufacturing industries or in the service sector.

In addition, Neukölln is home to a series of smaller commercial areas including;

  • Hermannstraße/ Werbellinstraße (the former Kindl brewery),
  • Buckower Damm (which includes the Britz Süd subway plant),
  • Gerlinger Straße,
  • Haarlemer Straße.


  • Hip, thriving hub of activity.
  • A variety of industries can thrive here; service, technological, manufacturing.
  • Demand for qualified personnel in the companies in Neukölln.
  • Quick and easy access to the Adlershof Campus (WISTA).
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • Proximity to Brandenburg airport.
  • Direct autobahn access.
  • 307 hectares of commercial areas; Neukölln has almost 10 % of Berlin’s industrial space.

Sounds ideal? Maybe this hipster paradise sounds like the perfect place for you, or maybe not. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, help is at hand to find you your tribe and home. Get in on the action- there’s always something new round the corner!

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