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Creative minds throughout the world, unite! Berlin is the birthplace of a new start-up every 20 hours. »Paris is always Paris, but Berlin is never Berlin« – a fact even the French former Minister of Culture Jack Lang had to admit. Berlin’s vivid cultural and economic landscape is constantly evolving, offering all up and coming careerists the perfect platform to spread their wings. Why not look towards Berlin as a beautiful and vibrant potential business location if you are a new entrepreneur? With over 100 locations Berlin is Germany’s hub for shared office spaces. Each district provides bespoke, adaptable working spaces you can use for your daily work.

  • Berlin Kreuzberg: 13 co-working spaces
  • Berlin Mitte: 13 co-working spaces
  • Berlin Neukölln: 9 co-working spaces
  • Berlin Friedrichshain: 7 co-working spaces
  • Berlin Prenzlauer Berg: 6 co-working spaces

We help you to find the best co-working spaces Berlin has to offer:

Underground map from Berlin showing the location of different co-working spaces in the city. The map is provided by
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No co-working space is like the other. Each location has different conditions, extras and costs. In some working spaces you have an all inclusive use of everything you find there. Some offer free use of coffee and extra meeting rooms. Others score with art exhibitions, a garden or child care. The price range is from about 190 EUR per month up to about 500 EUR per month. One thing, all shared office spaces in Berlin have in common, is the possibility to meet and get to know entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, creatives and other like-minded people. It’s a great way to get together and to create and realize ideas. Thus, you can enhance your business and make it successful.

Berlin’s most popular co-working spaces

Which shared office is the best for you? That depends on your individual needs. The following list contains the top 7 co-working spaces which are quite popular throughout the city. The list is sorted by district.

Berlin Kreuzberg

Berlin Mitte

Berlin Moabit

Berlin Neukölln

Berlin Friedrichshain

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


Alternatives to classical co-working spaces

Always on the go and need to use your breaks wisely? Take a seat in one of the countless coffee houses to enjoy some coffee whilst working on your projects. A lot of coffee houses offer wi-fi and a quiet atmosphere to concentrate on your tasks. In some locations you’ll find arranged working spaces, which are separated from the daily business.

It would not be Berlin if there weren't any outstanding co-working locations. Regardless of whether it is a digital campus, an event venue or a green garden café. Inspiring surroundings are the perfect idea provider.

Last update: August 2018

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