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Anywhere and anytime: Berlin's public transport 
If your daily commute frequently involves squeezing yourself into a packed train, waiting around in the pouring rain for a bus that never comes, then calling a taxi only to realize half a day’s wages, and half the day, has been spent on public transport, you’re not alone. On average, the daily commute in the UK stands at a whopping 1hr 40mins. Berlin, in contrast, a mere 40mins. And, public transport is cheaper in Berlin compared to London.

And in the spirit of all things Berlin, the BVG just wants you to have fun and spread love with their campaign “Weil wir dich lieben” (“Because we love you”). As spokesperson Josefin Langer told The Local: “We want to tell everyone that it’s not important how you look, where you come from, or what skin colour you have – we’re just here to take you from one place to another.”


Not all those who wander are lost…but for those who need a bit of help, Berlin has a multitude of helping hands to guide you through the ins and outs, the ups and downs, that make this city so unique.

Here you find all information on Berlin’s public transport.

Here you can check, which U- or S-Bahn takes you to Berlin’s world famous restaurants and clubs.

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