Vision for Berlin TXL - Business and Research Center | ©Graft Architekten

Connecting Researchers Worldwide

With its 40 higher education institutions and more than 70 research institutions, Berlin is a big science hub in and of itself. The BrainCity is not only attracting more than 30,000 international students per semester. It’s also offering science hubs with many different objectives. Here comes a selection of hubs offering entrepreneurs and founders the opportunity to benefit from and work with the sciences.

Adlershof: Berlin’s State-of-the-Art Business and Technology Center

Berlin not only offers a huge density and variety of science hubs, it also has the largest high-tech site in Germany: the Berlin Adlershof Science City. More than a thousand scientific institutions and companies have settled here, focusing together on broad topics like microsystems and materials, IT and media, photonics and optics, and much more.

Berlin Adlershof Science City | ©Wista Management GmbH
Berlin Adlershof Science City | ©Wista Management GmbH

Europe’s Biggest Financial Technology Hub

Doing its best to catch up with Silicon Valley, Berlin is hosting the Internet of Things (IoT) and Financial Technology (FinTech) Hub. The startup blacksmith “FinLeap” was funded by the government to establish a digital hub that connects startups, scientists, established companies and investors. Meanwhile, the “H:32”, which headquarters in the Hardenbergstraße, is open to anyone interested in the digitalization of finance.

Germany’s Leading Economic Research Center

The DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research) is the most influential economic research center in Germany. It has a great impact on policies but remains independent and non-profit since its foundation in 1925. Because their research results are often followed by corresponding political decisions, the news media coverage is very high. Due to the globalization of markets, the DIW is also increasingly conducting international studies.

DIW Berlin – quartier 110 | ©DIW Berlin
DIW Berlin – quartier 110 | ©DIW Berlin

A Social Network for Scientists – Made in Berlin

Founded in Berlin nine years ago, this startup may change the way scientists work all over the world. ResearchGate is a social network that enables the sharing of scientific papers, discussion of complex topics, and finding of collaborators. It is currently the scientific social network with the most active users, likely to empower completely new studies and opportunities for scientific work.

The Future of Berlin TXL

The Berlin Senate founded a think tank to develop plans for the re-use of Tegel Airport. Their plan includes opening a research and industrial park to foster studies on urban technologies. Therefore, approximately 20,000 employees will research, develop, and produce together with 2,500 students of the Beuth University for Applied Sciences on matters like renewable energies, green mobility, and usage of new materials. However, these plans are still uncertain.

Vision for Berlin TXL – A Space for Researching, Working and Living Together | ©Tim Dinter
Vision for Berlin TXL – A Space for Researching, Working and Living Together | ©Tim Dinter

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