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Game on Berlin: What the city offers for players and professionals

Gamescom 2018 – Europe’s largest gaming show –  kicked off in Cologne on 21 August. The four-day colossal industry event profiles the latest in gaming, including showcasing several global premiers. However, when it comes to coding and gaming Berlin’s thriving industry  is home to top events like GamesweekBerlin . Generating over 250 million euro in revenue, the video game industry in Berlin is flourishing and has a promising future.

Jobs Galore for Game Developers
With around 140 gaming companies, Berlin is the capital of games in Germany. From startups to international players and many medium-sized tech businesses in between, the city offers developers the chance to work on some of the world’s most innovative projects.

Global gamechangers like King, GameDuell, and established game developers such as BlueByte (Ubisoft) offer plenty of opportunity for anyone interested in the tech and gaming industry.

Additionally, portals like Talent in Berlin make finding a job easier by not only highlighting opportunities but also providing useful tips about living and working in Berlin. You can also use the platform to connect to Berlin‘s tech community and get first-hand insight into the city. Along with information about jobs, Loginberlin provides industry news and highlights IT-events happening in the city.

Events to Elevate
Berlin is the city of networks so there are plenty of ways to connect with potential employers and meet new people, such as other game developers. Some of the key events include Tech Open Air and Hub.Berlin, along with smaller events like Coding Day, TechTalk and Product Sprint.

Ubisoft presenting art concepts for Far Cry at Quo Vadis
Ubisoft presenting art concepts for Far Cry at Quo Vadis

A highlight for the gaming scene is the GamesweekBerlin, a yearly event that happens in April. With events happening all over the city over the course of the week, the conference focuses on different aspects of the gaming industry:

  • Quo Vadis! – the conference for game developers and others interested in the process of making and coding a game
  • Womenize! – the event for women in the tech industry
  • Amaze. – the award ceremony and the public exhibition celebrating independent videogames
  • Gamefest – hotspot for dedicated cosplayers and others who want to try out new games
  • German Esports Summit – the exciting eSport conference that brings together eSports, sports associations, politics, sponsors and the media

The highlight of the week for any coder or developer has to be the Quo Vadis! conference. Here you’ll be able to mingle and meet well-known, established developers and studios, like Blue Byte. It’s a great opportunity to interact with the smaller and big players and even find your way into the gaming industry.

Developers at Quo Vadis!
Developers at Quo Vadis!

The next Gamesweek takes place from 8-14 April, 2019. 

Home of Gaming Success Stories
Berlin is an exciting city for game developers. The city is home to many game developers and gaming communities, who chose Berlin as their studio location. The reasons are diverse. Philip Lanik, General Studio Manager at King – the company who brought us Candy Crush – says: ‘the gaming scene is booming in Berlin, which is something we at King want to take advantage of by looking for talented people to join our team and to expand our location in the capital’. He's certain ‘a city like Berlin [will provide] enormous amounts of inspiration for never ending saga games’. He's also pleased ‘more and more gaming companies choose to locate their German studios in Berlin, so the range of exchange opportunities is increasing’. 

Boris Wamuth, Co-Founder and Managing Director Marketing of GameDuell, always believed in the capital’s immense potential: ‘We were sure that Berlin would still emerge as a city with an active and vibrant startup scene, and it did.’ One of the turning points for him was when established companies began relocating their innovation labs and incubators to Berlin in the early 2000s.’ He said: ‘This had an effect on investment flows, accompanied by the attractiveness of Berlin as a workplace for competent professionals, from which founders and start-ups profited in many ways’. 

More success stories, opinions and insights of local Gaming businesses can be found on GamesCapital.Berlin.

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Take Your Gaming Career to the Next Level
So if you’re at Gamescom this week – or a developer anywhere looking for your next exciting career change, why not add Berlin to your must-see list? In addition to a thriving startup and gaming scene scene, Berlin offers a high standard of living for relatively low costs. Even in the age of increasing rents, Berlin is more affordable to live in than other top tech cities like London, Paris or San Francisco. Find out what it’s like to live and work in the capital of Germany right here on our Blog.

Enjoy this review of GamesWeekBerlin 2018: 

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