Mitte: pumping heart

The Mitte district doesn’t just get its name by being in the Mitte (middle) of Berlin. It’s also its vibrant cultural centre; offering a myriad of attractions, places to see, places to be- both for work and play. You’ll never want to leave again. Your curiosity piqued? Then let’s go!


Mitte offers not one, not two, but three major Berlin parks, plus several smaller ones on the side.


Next to its array of parks and waterside spots, Mitte serves as an attractive, affordable and centrally-located quarter for handicraft, high-tech, logistics, manufacturing and service companies with several commercial districts at hand.


Mitte certainly became Berlin’s most popular neighbourhood for a reason- if you’re looking to stay up to date on all of the latest events and news, start here. In addition to finding renowned museums, theaters and concert halls (you can read about them in ‘Cultural Highlights’), there are a few quirky turns to take. Here are a few recommendations off the beaten path:

Mitte, all advantages at a glance:
  • Diverse district right in the middle of town
  • Leisure areas by water and in parkland
  • Seat of national political institutions, commercial associations and renowned institutions
  • Attractive, affordable and centrally-located quarters for handicraft, high-tech, logistics, manufacturing and service companies
  • Business start-up networks
  • Cultural diversity and an interesting arts scene

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