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PT Scientists

... is a startup that’s sending robots to the moon. It’s taking on this ambitious task from its headquarters in Berlin.

It’s not the only company choosing Germany as a base for such highimpact projects. There’s also Ottobock, which launched in 1919 and is now a global company creating pioneering prosthetics. Meanwhile, Berlin Adlershof Science City houses over 1,000 organisations.

When PT Scientists’ founders were deciding where to set up their fledgling space science business, it was a tossup between Hamburg, Salzburg and Berlin. In 2010, after weighing up the options, they registered the business in Berlin. ‘Berlin is cheap in terms of cost of living,’ Karsten Becker, PT Scientists’ head of electronics, says. ‘It’s also a city with many interesting companies, especially startups, that we can collaborate with.’ ‘Workspace is also affordable,’ he adds. The company is based in Berlin’s Marzahn suburb, where it’s been able to find a large space with room for its projects at an affordable rate.


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A virtual reality headset demo at State Festival.

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