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Berlin Partner’s Business Location Center (BLC) bundles together information aimed at growing companies in the smart city and makes it available online. Companies receive comprehensive guidance regarding their commitment in Germany‘s capital region.

Working side-by-side with companies, the BLC develops search profiles, scouts for suitable properties and conducts site tours. A separate real estate portal serves as the initial point-of-contact.

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Smart City Model as Open Data

BLC recently made available a 3D city model of the German capital as open data, which the public can download for free. Users can explore this realistic model of the city online, or use it offline. To create the model, around 550,000 buildings covering 890 km² of urban space were photographed from the air and measured. The city model’s 3D building data is now available through a web-based service portal as part of the State of Berlin’s open data initiative. The Open Data Model allows users to obtain the original CityGML data for either the entire city model or portions of it and to use it for their own purposes. Discover for yourself why the smart city Berlin is the perfect location through the 3D city model.


The Smart City in a Nutshell

Berlin isn’t just making international waves as a startup mecca and dynamic location for modern, innovation-driven industry and research. With its unique blend of science, research and culture, short travel distances and ideal living and working environments, Berlin offers plenty of opportunities for the inquisitive and the talented.

Compared to other European cities, Berlin has the greatest share of urban area devoted to science and industry. In addition to providing excellent research and education, various hotspots distributed across the city also offer the perfect locations for innovative companies and startups interested in settling in Berlin. Together, they form a unique network for forward-looking industries. This is where international science meets creative minds and the movers and shakers from the business world. It’s where solutions to the challenges of tomorrow are being developed: the Smart City made in Berlin.

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3D City Model

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The 3D Model of Business Location Center
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