Berlin vs. Paris: Currywurst or croissant?

What makes a city truly liveable and loveable? Potential and diversity lead to a bright future in people’s private and work life. The question is, which city is most suitable for your lifestyle and business – Paris or Berlin?

Admittedly, comparing two cities isn’t an easy task as there are just too many factors that come into play and it’s all about personal preference and priorities in the end. Sometimes, seeing some simple facts, numbers, and figures can help to get an overview on the basis of which you can make up your mind, and finally come to a decision. We took it upon us to compare two partner cities of Start Alliance: Paris vs. Berlin

The difference between Paris and Berlin isn’t just the spoken language. It’s not just about Le Louvre or Die Museumsinsel (Museum Island), the quality of life doesn’t just depend on the average temperature or population density, but it certainly helps to know some facts that may even help you during a conversation: who isn’t interested in some random but useful facts whilst networking?

In conclusion, both cities have their advantages. The cities are similar, but when looking at the details and small pieces of information you can see the differences, especially with regard to the costs of living. If you’re planning to set up your business in one of those cities, you should take into account that the investment volume is higher in Berlin, so the chance of getting your investment started and finding support may be better. 

If you’re not yet convinced or still want more input, you can find more information about Berlin’s Startup ecosystem and Life in Berlin to get a more in-depth overview.

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