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Berlin is more than just Germany's buzzing capital city – with approximately 40,000 business ventures started each year, it is Germany’s startup capital, too. In 2016, venture capitalists invested around EUR 1.07 billion in new businesses. Berlin is even on its way to overtaking Silicon Valley, the cradle of startups, in one area: the city has the second-highest number of foreign entrepreneurs. No other city in Germany is home to such a sophisticated network and such well-functioning infrastructure for startups.

Berlin is multicultural. Berlin is hip. Berlin is international. The capital city has the perfect potential for growth as a global hub for businesses and is increasing in popularity, particularly in the growing tech scene. While the first startups were mainly in e-commerce, an increasing number of tech startups and fintech startups are now settling in the city. With around 500 new companies in the tech industry each year, Berlin is Germany’s tech hub number one.

Projects such as the Start Alliance Program are stimulating internationalization and combines it with business ventures and startup funding.

Helpful tips for setting up your business in Berlin

Even in Berlin, business creators can’t bypass German bureaucracy. Reason Why Berlin provides useful tips and shows you where to find information on the right legal structure for your company, business tax, health insurance, or business registration in the commercial register.

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