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Why Berlin is the ultimate playground for fashion

Berlin Fashion Week and more...

Whether it's sophisticated or rebellious, classical or futuristic, fashion is one of the most advanced tools for human self-expression. Over the past couple of years Berlin’s Fashion Week became one of the top 5 fashion events worldwide. And one thing you learn when living in a colourful metropolis like Berlin is that style comes in many, many forms. Fashion is a language that is not only difficult to learn, but hard to keep up with, as it seems like every single minute a new phrase is born. Still, speaking ‘fashion’ is an experience on its own and maybe that’s why the Berlin Fashion Week becomes more popular every year.

However, Berlin is a rather unassuming fashion capital. Unlike Paris or Milan, both fashion hubs synonymous with haute couture and luxury, Berlin’s historic lack of fashion pedigree is what makes it exceptional. Aside from its biannual Fashion Week, Berlin has in recent years positioned itself as a leading hub for the sustainable and tech fashion community. 

People taking pictures at Fashiontech Berlin ©️ Tobias Texter

An international fashion destination

Started as a vibrant yet underrated hub, Berlin’s slowly becoming one of Europe’s voguish fashion capitals. Until this day, over 800 designers, labels and almost 3100 fashion related companies have decided to call Berlin their home and not without a reason. Each year, Berlin Fashion Week is attended by more than 70,000 visitors, adding over 120 million Euros to the city’s economy per year. With international fashion gatherings, shows and conferences happening more than 60 times a year, the city offers an ideal platform for already established labels and also for young and brave designers from all over the world.

© Uhura Creative Media

Trading talent

And that’s what Berlin and its Fashion Week is all about: celebrating new ideas, the beauty and genius behind diversity. The bi-annual events offer excellent opportunities to do business, but what’s more important, to explore new talents.

The Berlin fashion industry’s turnover was amounted to 6,3 billion Euros in 2017 – which makes the city one rather fancy playground for fashionistas. From couture and eco-fashion to streetwear, there is a whole new world to explore and to lay hold of. Yet, opportunities are for those who are brave enough to get into the game: The Fashion Week offers a platform that connects national and international designers with buyers and press representatives, while also gives a chance to explore and discuss fashion latest and hottest topics: innovation and sustainability.

Starting fashion dialogues

In the spirit of diversity, the Fashion Week offers programs on an extremely wide scale and at multiple locations, turning the event into the beating heart of the city from time to time. With trade shows, conferences, international award ceremonies and parties all around Berlin, one has plenty of choices.

© Getty Images for MBFW
Danny Reinke runway show at MBFW, July 2018 © Getty Images for MBFW

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, perhaps the most famous of all shows, takes place for the very first time in 2020 at Berlin’s very own industrial paradise, Kraftwerk, with selected areas open to the public and accessible for free. And this is just one of the 30 extraordinary fashion shows taking place during the Fashion Week in Berlin. Of course, events like that – although they are glamorous and breathtaking – still focus on the presentation of high-end fashion from upcoming design talents, love-brands and successful global fashion players. But there are relevant fashion topics from both culture and industry that will also be showcased within the Fashion Week’s lineup in hope of starting dialogues.

Global hub for fashion technology and sustainability

Technology, sustainability and innovation are key for the contemporary fashion and textile industry. But what will revolutionize the sector, its processes and production methods? With its high-profile speakers, innovative companies and their visionary approaches for a more sustainable fashion industry, the upcoming edition of the international conference format Fashionsustain will be eager to find answers for these questions.

The NEONYT Conference
©️Neonyt / Messe Frankfurt

Pioneering fashion platform SELVEDGE RUN & ZEITGEIST will put the spotlight on brands with the highest quality standards that are also dedicated to sustainable production techniques. The show’s portfolio of international exhibitors includes carefully curated brands covering industry relevant categories like ‘Denim’, ‘Craft’, ‘Current’ and ‘Outdoor’, while also showcases new and exclusive brands from the Japanese denim community for the very first time in Europe.

All the big time dreamers

If you think, this year’s events continue to break down the long established barriers of a tradeshow, you are right. In world ruled by technology, it’s the duty of each and every contemporary fashion brand to keep up with the latest innovations in order to stay future-compatible. In this spirit, Panorama Berlin, the trailblazing hub for decision-makers from the fashion and lifestyle businesses, will be launching its new concept. Under the motto ‘A New View’, a Brand Avenue with pavilions will be installed under the canopy on Tempelhof Airport’s airfield for the first time. A must visit event for fashion lovers searching for a new source of inspiration.

In fashion, finding the right inspiration means finding the right identity for you - or your brand. Teams behind organisations like SEEK, one of Europe’s most vibrating, progressive tradeshows and also part of the Fashion Week, do an outstanding job connecting the right businesses and big time dreamers. Together with the FashionTech Berlin conference, Europe’s leading tech gathering for the fashion industry, their future-driven events are definitely the ones you wouldn't want to miss out on.

For more information about this years’ events, please, visit theofficial page of the Berlin Fashion Week.

Text: Tom Czibolya

Header image: © getty images for MBFW 

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