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On Reason-Why.Berlin you will find information about setting up a company in Berlin as well as business expansion and tapping into new markets in Germany. Get all the necessary knowledge to set up a company here or elsewhere in Germany! Gain insights into the German economy and facts on Berlin. What are the growing companies? Which hot startups have set up shop in Berlin? What are the up-and-coming industries? How do I set up a company and what legal considerations have to be dealt with in Germany? You also will get to know funding opportunities for your business and learn the best ways to connect with others.

What you need to know about opening a business in Berlin

Find out what is most important when setting up a company, market entry and business expansion in Berlin. Reason-Why.Berlin gives you useful information, tips, and helpful contacts.

Reason-Why.Berlin gives you insights about:

  • Setting up a company in Germany
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Finding the right business location
  • Legal matters
  • Finances & German taxes
  • German labour law
  • Helpful contacts in Berlin
  • Business development in Germany
  • Interesting networking events
  • Business expansion and company growth
  • And more …

Why should you start a business in Berlin

Welcome to Berlin – the buzzing city at the heart of Europe! Berlin attracts businesses and startups from every industry. Science, research, and creative industries also love Berlin. True innovators love living and working in Berlin, as the conditions for setting up a company in the city are outstanding.


Berlin offers the ideal infrastructure for setting up a company. The city’s airports make it quick and easy to reach from all over Europe, and its public transport network is extensive. Office space is also plentiful. Few cities have as many co-working spaces as Berlin. Although rents are rising, they are still lower than in most other European capitals.

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Innovative industries

In Berlin, you can build a network and discover businesses in all the key innovative industries, including high tech, healthcare, life sciences, service economy, mobility, and logistics. Berlin startups such as Zalando, DaWanda, and ImmobilienScout24 are influencers in the German market, and venture builders like Rocket Internet and Project A are also located in Berlin. There is potential for fruitful partnerships with research facilities and other companies in Berlin. Feel the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin!

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Research & sciences

Berlin is the main capital for researchers and scientists in Europe. You’ll find research on the hot topics in fields like bio technology, medicine, communication technology, mobility and transport and more.

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Living in Berlin

Finally, the large pool of highly skilled specialists from all over the world is a key reason to start up a company in Berlin. Thanks to its relatively low cost of living and vibrant cultural life, Berlin attracts many highly talented people, which also benefits businesses located in the city.

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A growing German economy – good times for entrepreneurs and investors

The GDP is rising and unemployment is low. Consumers are spending more. It's a great time for investments and market entry in Germany. Reason-Why.Berlin offers useful background information on the German economy.