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Get in contact with Berlin around the world!

Get in contact with Berlin around the world!

Gain insights into the Berlin business community and share knowledge at international summits and meetups

This section of the Reason-Why.Berlin website lists some selected international events that bring together experts from Germany and around the world. These events inherit a broad diversity of scientific disciplines and industries and thus are the perfect opportunities to learn about what Berlin has to offer foreign businesses and entrepreneurs. Experts from the Berlin area are attending these science fairs and entrepreneur events and present you with first-hand information about Berlin’s growing role as a vibrant hub for future innovation and disruptive developments.

Be inspired and launch your business in Berlin

The future looks bright for ambitious, cutting-edge companies and startups that choose to locate their offices in Berlin. It’s a converging point for international talent and a place where the whole entrepreneurial climate embraces innovation and bold ideas.

If you think the German capital is the right location for your business, there are some logistical and bureaucratic matters that must be handled. Luckily, there are many entrepreneurs who have already been through it all and successfully set up their companies and startups. Different initiatives take part in the international events listed here to share valuable experiences and opportunities Berlin has to offer.

Learn about Berlin’s perks for science and business at events worldwide

Take advantage of these science conventions and business events and you’ll be off to a well-informed start. Have a look at Reason-Why.Berlin Start-up City and Doing Business in Berlin pages to learn about getting started and further steps you will need to take when setting up your business in Berlin – Europe’s most promising innovation hub and place that is shaping our future world.