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Dual Career Service by Berlin Partner

Career development for two

Feel at home with your partner or your family

If you start a new job in Berlin, the question „How does this step affect my partner’s career?“ will be quick to follow. Be assured: you are not the only one! An increasing number of double career couples are coordinating their career moves. Moving to a new city, however, requires a lot of effort, from finding accomodation to choosing a school or kindergarten for the kids and becoming familiar with the new neighborhood. During this time, it is immensely valuable to have a place to turn to for support and advice.

With the Dual Career Network Berlin (DCNB) we provide a central point of contact for all dual-career couples who are new to the capital or moving within Berlin. This Berlin-wide, service-orientated network assists accompanying partners of newly appointed professors, outstanding scientists and strategically important employees in companies with any questions they may have about rebooting their career in Berlin. 

You can take advantage of the DCNB consulting services if you are already in Berlin or even before the final decision to move to the capital city has been made. We provide free services custom, holistic advice for your personal professional and life situation in either German or English. If you want to interact with others with similar experiences, our Dual Career events and workshops give you the time and opportunity to do so. With the help of our Berlin-wide network, you can build contacts with the worlds of science, business and politics.

“Berlin is the perfect place for scientists to combine an excellent scientific environment with family life.” says Prof. Giuseppe Caire, „Alexander von Humboldt-Professor“ at Technische Universität Berlin and he should know. His wife Dr. Isabella Fassola – a medical doctor – has moved with him to Berlin and used the Dual Career Network Berlin to help with the recognition of her foreign professional qualifications. Thus, a first step has been achieved in order to obtain the license to practice medicine and to be professionally active in Berlin.

“Berlin is the perfect place for scientists to combine an excellent scientific environment with family life.”

Feel free to get in touch via our Dual Career Berlin website or contact us directly at

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