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In July 2023 the 8th Deep Tech Awards ceremony took place in Berlin

ICT Highlight: The Berlin Deep Tech Awards

Celebrating outstanding market-ready innovative tech solutions from Berlin.

On July 6 2023 Berlin held the eighth Deep Tech Awards at the Spindler & Klatt event location. Thirteen startups and companies with a connection to Berlin had made it into the running from over fifty nominations and applications. They waited eagerly to hear if they were to be among the winning Deep Tech Stars in five categories, with €10.000,- prize money per category. Choosing the winners was no easy task for the jury, composed of representatives from Berlin science institutes and the universities as well as business and capital. They looked for innovations with great future potential in the sense of assured marketability.

These annual awards are organized by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises with Berlin Partner as well as a number of prominent organizations and associations promoting tech in Berlin. The awards are part of the state initiative Projekt Zukunft and the Deep Tech Berlin campaign. The prize money is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Winners

Of the shortlisted companies, the winners in the five categories are:

AssistMe (IoT/Industrie 4.0)

A simple way to assist patients in clinics or residents in nursing homes who are dealing with incontinence is provided by the AssistMe clip to incontinence products such as pants that measures the moisture level and sends a signal to an app used by the caregivers.

neofonie (IT-Security)

The company neofonie has been around for a while. Their new product TextWERK crawls through the multitude of malware, hacker, and security breach warnings, identifying current risks. The product was developed in cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Berlin Partner Services

Bearcover (AI)

Bearcover have developed an intelligent robot for caretaking facilities like nursing homes and clinics that patrols the corridors and can pick up life signals such as respiration through closed doors. Founders Daniel Flynn, Ben Duffy, Fernando Germán and Torales Chorne hope that their solution will relieve the workload of caregivers during night shifts and detect falls or accidents early.

LI.Fi (Web3 – DLT, Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse)

The selling point for blockchain enthusiasts is usually that they are decentralized. Of course, this makes them highly impractical, so in order to connect them you need bridges between them. Li.Fi provides a single API with which to connect them all, like zapier for blockchain.

YoniCore (Sustainable & Social Impact)

YoniCore is a medtech solution for a specific issue. The device provides personalized pelvic support relieving bladder imbalance and pelvic floor weakness. This can be a great relief for women suffering for example from weak pelvic muscles or torn tissue and ligaments after giving birth.

The winning teams of the 2023 Deep Tech Awards on stage
Stagestruck Deep Tech Stars – the winning teams of the 2023 Deep Tech Awards – © Christoph Soeder / SenWEB

The Shortlisted Finalists

The jury was impressed by the following runners up, who also took part in the Deep Tech Awards evening. 

Category Artificial Intelligence

Category Sustainable & Social Impact
GreenElephant BioTech

Category Internet of Things
weeve GmbH

Category Web 3.0 – DTL, Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse

Text: Olaf Bryan Wielk, ideenmanufaktur
Header image: © Christoph Soeder / SenWEB

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