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Berlin has an abundance of shared offices and coworking spaces

The Definitive List of Berlin Coworking Spaces

Happy Together: The German capital has an abundance of shared offices and coworking spaces. Find most of them here.

Each Berlin borough provides adaptable desk space you can use for your daily work, whether you are freelancer, solopreneur, have a new startup team to manage or even an established business. As the largest city in Germany, the choice Berlin offers is huge for you to find the right coworking spot. There are several kinds of space you might like for your working environment, your preferred district, and convenient accessibility via public transport.

Each location is different and has its individual atmosphere, extras, and costs. Some coworking spaces are little more than cafés in which you’re encouraged to get out your laptop. In some you have an all inclusive use of everything you find there. Some offers have coffee for free and don't charge extra for using meeting rooms. Yet others score with art exhibitions, a chill-out area like a garden or rooftop, or in-house child care services. Some hybrids include business center options with solutions for an official business address or a shared reception area and staff. 

Coworking, like new work, has become such a mainstream thing that big corporates are getting in on it, enticing startups with convenience and value for money – and quietly scouting for innovations with potential. Siemens, Deutsche Bank, and Microsoft have all dedicated some of their real estate to coworking offers.

Whether you choose one of the coworking pioneers such as St Oberholz and betahaus, one of the internationals such as WeWork, or even a real estate agent with coworking option such as WorkRepublic and Regus, there is one thing all shared office spaces in Berlin have in common: You get to meet and to know fellow entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, creatives, and other like-minded people. It’s a great way to connect and collaborate on new ideas to improve your business or even create an entirely new one.

An up-to-date overview of all coworking spaces in Berlin in the form of an interactive map can be found in the Business Location Center's Economic Atlas.

With so many coworking offers in town, it is almost impossible to present them all, though we’ve done our best. Since there are all sorts of variations it is also tricky to sort them into categories, so here is our list of well over 100 coworking spaces in Berlin listed simply in alphabetical order:


Compact and bijou.


Entrepreneurs forum at Siemens.

ABC Workspaces
AHA Berlin

Occasionally there are desks free at the not-for-profit AHA Factory in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Ahoy! Berlin
© Ahoy! Berlin

With nautical flair, Ahoy! offers its 4,500 square meters for all purposes and needs, renting fully equipped work stations, quiet offices, or space for your next event. One of the first such spaces in Berlin. 

Alte Kantine Wedding
© Alte Kantine Wedding
Alte Kantine

Freelancers who seek a professional work environment can stay here for a day, a week, a month, or forever. The interior may not appear as fancy as some places in Mitte, but the look is as nostalgic as it is cozy. Choose between open coworking or silent offices.

Amapola Coworking

A small but fine space close to the riverside of the Spree in Berlin district Wedding. You can book flex or fix desks. It offers 24/7 service, a meeting room, and a coffee, tea and water flat rate. A flex desk per month is affordable and great for beginners. 


A spa at Berlin’s famous Ku’damm that touts coworking too. 

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck

Right next to one of Berlin’s most modern and attractive parks.


Two locations in Berlin.

© Betahaus

One of the first, and still one of the best. With more than 1,500 square meters, Betahaus is also one of the larger coworking spaces on the market. Whether you’re on the brink of deciding on a work space or just coming by for a coffee – Betahaus is worth checking out. 


Interesting if you need to be near Schöneweide.


Nice spot in Tegel.

Biwoc Rising

Intersectional coworking safe space in Berlin Kreuzberg for black, indigenous and women of color including all those self-identifying as women as well as queer, trans, or intersex people of color.


Get creative in Weißensee.

Central Studio

Factory flair in Mitte.

CiSpace (collaborative intelligence space)
co.up community

If you are looking for a small, simple and affordable coworking space, CO23 may be the place for you. It is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

co and work
Collection Flexgate

Short-term working at the new Berlin airport, including a business address if you need it.

Colonia Nova

Studio offices. 

Coworking Comun

The first such space in Berlin Marzahn.


That’s coop as in co-operative, not chicken.

CoWomen – © Ana Torres

CoWomen is, as the name suggests, for women only. Besides coworking spaces, CoWomen offers community events and workshops. Located in Berlin Mitte, it offers various packages and is good for networking.

Coworking Deluxe
Coworking Glashaus
Coworking Space Berlin

In Adlershof.

CoWorking Toddler

Prenzlauer Berg is known as a family-friendly neighborhood, so you would expect a coworking space to which you can bring your children. At CoWorking Toddler, educators take care of your toddler professionally. Since it is registered as a public kindergarten, this doesn’t even cost extra – if you can get a place! They also have another location in Neukölln. 

Coworking Zehlendorf
Der Salon
Design Offices

Several locations in Berlin.

The Digital Eatery by Microsoft

Get a byte at prestigious Unter den Linden.

District One
The Drivery

Huge and home to over 130 startups. Since the Drivery is specialized on mobility startups, there are not only offices but also workspaces where you can build hardware. 

Edge Grand Central

New super-smart coworking and more right next to the central station.


By the German rail network right at the central station.

Fab Lab

Open digital fabrication studio where you can use 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machining routers, design software and electronics to make or rapid prototype (almost) anything.

Factory Berlin
© Factory Berlin Mitte
Factory Berlin

Mingle with the stars of the Berlin startup scene.

Food Tech Campus

Definitely check this out if your business has anything to do with food or nutrition products. It is closely linked to one of Germany’s biggest supermarket chains. 

Fritz 46
The Gate

Near the Friedrichshain park. 

Happy Pigeons

If you have anything to do with 3D printing or additive manufacturing, check this place out.


The coworking space in the technology park Adlershof.

Impact Hub Berlin
© Impact Hub Berlin
Impact Hub

The CRCLR house is THE place to be if you are dedicated to sustainability or the circular economy


Coworking with childcare.

Kantine N1
Kaos Berlin
Kiez Büro

Several small office communities in Berlin.

Klein Mein
© Klein Mein
Klein Mein

If you want the atmosphere of coworking in a cute café, you should check out Klein Mein. In the middle of Friedrichshain, you can work as long as you like on an hourly basis or with a membership. Different kinds of tickets offer full flexibility, with one free drink included in all tickets! 


Kulturschöpfer is located in Friedrichshain and offers space for creatives of all kinds. You can rent a part-time desk or a private office. 

Legal Spaces

For lawyers and tax consultants

Little Village

With optional childcare.

© Machwerk

Modern, with special rates for non-profits. 


Three locations that also offer equipment for streaming.


International player Mindspace of course has several locations in Berlin. 


Big ‘hardtech’ hub and makerspace that offers access to all sorts of machinery. 

Now Mitte and Now Mitte Monbijou
Office Club
© Office Club

This co-working space is located right in the middle of the popular district Prenzlauer Berg. You’ll find much space for your creative work as well as other like-minded professionals. Besides the quiet atmosphere you can enjoy the in-house Club bistro, various events and seminars and also lockable offices. Each membership can be enhanced by extras like a business address or 24/7 access.

One by One
P3A coworking
Photo Circle

Showroom and gallery attached.

Pioneer Lab

Fresenius schools pioneer lab for founders have coworking spaces too.

Profund Innovation Gründerhaus

Free for students of the Free University Berlin.

Quartier Zukunft by Deutsche Bank
Raumstation Berlin
© Raumstation Berlin

At Raumstation you’re situated in a historic Berlin brick building close to the Central Station. You benefit from its international community working in a diverse range of fields, be it economy, media, IT or music. Try out their test week.

Red Bok

rent24 has several coworking spaces in Berlin. For instance, the former BVG Office in Berlin Schöneberg was completely renovated and, with over 1,500 square meters, offers a lot of open space. 

Roman & Fritz

If you have or seek a Polish connection. 

Rudolf 11
Satellite Offices

Satellite Offices has several locations in Berlin, among them Haus Cumberland, directly at the famous shopping mile of Ku’damm. Haus Cumberland is a building from the imperial era. With more than 2,000 square meters, it offers a quiet coworking space and also 50 exclusive offices. There’s a roof terrace with an impressive view. 

Scaling Spaces

Scaling Spaces has several ‘agile offices’ or workspaces in Berlin, some with notable tenants. 

Schloss 110
Hello Signals by Signal Iduna
Silicon Allee Campus

Berlin’s tech network.


Has a shower, so you can get fresh after those long hours of hard work. 

Skalitzer 33
TGS Skywork

Special rate for founders.

Social Impact Lab
Spaces Works
Space Shack
© Space Shack
Space Shack

This coworking space prides itself on flexibility. Whatever you need, you’ll likely find it here. There are many possibilities to work in a team, alone, laying down, standing up, or whichever other way you like. There are flex desks and fix desks, but also many more rental options.

Square Haus
St. Oberholz

St. Oberholz is a well-known institution in Berlin and popular amongst Berliners as well as tourists since 2005, mainly due to its vibrant atmosphere in the hot spot area of Rosenthaler Platz. People who didn’t mind the noise loved to come to the original St. Oberholz for a coffee and free wifi. When guests forgot about the time and that it is actually a café and not a workspace, St. Oberholz created coworking areas. Next to the flagship at Rosenthaler there are now several locations in which you can choose between an hourly or daily ticket or a membership with exclusive member events.

Startup Incubator HWR Founders’ Center in Spandau
Techspace Kreuzberg
© Techspace Kreuzberg

Techspace has two locations in Berlin. Lobeckstrasse is situated in the heart of Kreuzberg, South East Berlin. The old industrial building has been converted into a charming high ceiling office space full of natural light, with a private courtyard and balcony for members to enjoy. Fixed desks are offered as well as small to big offices and entire floors for tech businesses.


For eco and social change.

Thunderbolt Collective
TOG The Office Group

Berlin’s first inclusive coworking space, Tuechtig is located in the north of the city. This coworking is particularly for people with disabilities, who can work for themselves or in groups. The desks are height-adjustable and the space is mostly barrier-free. 

Tuesday coworking

Tuesday Coworking has three locations in Berlin, all of which offer big, open spaces. There is also enough room for privacy to hold meetings or online conferences. Both flex desks and fix desks are available.


Unicorn has seven locations in Berlin. Unicorn Village, for instance, was a dairy farm a long time ago and is now a popular coworking village. It’s the largest of the Unicorn workspace, with 2,100m² of space spread over three floors and an outdoor area. It comes fully furnished, with a postal service, 24/7 access, fruit, tea, coffee water, and burglary insurance.

Us+ Coworking
Vegan Coworking
Vilhelm 7
Virtual Office
Weserland Offices
Weserland Offices – © Jacqueline Schulz

Located in the vibrant Weserstraße of the popular neighborhood Neukölln, the look of Weserland Offices is cozy and hip at the same time. Especially journalists and writers like to come here, as well as students and temporary guests. With plenty of bottles of Club Mate in the fridge and some really good espresso, there’s no reason to get tired while you’re working. But just in case you do, there’s a bed or a hammock available to take a power nap.

© WeWork

WeWork has several prime locations in Berlin, for instance in Friedrichshain right next to the Spree. All offer comfortable offices with lots of faux vintage interior. You can rent a hot (flex) desk or your own desk or your own private office. 


For Women.


Work’n'Kid is a small, relaxed and family-friendly space which allows you to work in a professional manner and to book professional childcare at the same time if required. The childcare is flexible, from 1 hour up to 35 hours a week, so perfect for your work-child-balance. It's located in Friedrichshain in a family-friendly neighborhood with playgrounds around.

Work Republic

This might be the place if you are looking for a quiet coworking space. It offers a relaxed ambience for meetings, workshops, and events. Of course, it is also possible to work alone with a flex desk. It’s surrounded by Urania Berlin, which means you can rent rooms for events with up to 500 people. 


Looking for coworking spaces in the Berlin burbs? Berlin is big and there might be suburbs you haven’t considered in your search for suitable coworking environments – which doesn't mean there are none. As central rents are increasing and because the districts on the outskirts are closer to the nature (or some industrial areas) surrounding Berlin, more and more students, entrepreneurs, or young families are moving there. Which means there’s space as well as talent everywhere in Berlin!

Text: Olaf Bryan Wielk, ideenmanufaktur
Header image: © WeWork

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