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Berlin goes Reeperbahnfestival

The Reeperbahn Festival is Germany's largest platform for the music and digital creative industries. The Reeperbahn Festival conference offers industry representatives a programme of sessions, networking events, matchmaking events, showcases, meetings and award shows.

Berlin is Germany's No. 1 MusicTech capital, an experimental field with the very best conditions and a magnet for leading music companies as well as visionaries in this field. The Berlin Breakfast Club from 10 am on at Häkken brings together national and international music business delegates with up-and-coming music companies and music tech start-ups from Berlin to network and offer participants a relaxed space for conversation. This networking event offers deep talk instead of small talk!

Stop by! The Event Space Berlin on the Reeperbahn is the place to ask your most pressing questions, recharge your batteries with a strong coffee and enjoy a delicious-smelling original Berlin delicacy or two!

Ereignisraum Berlin at Reeperbahnfestival 2022


Panel: MusicTech Innovations - Berlin’s impacts on the future of the music industry

In this panel at 1:30 pm you will get a sneak preview into immersive, hybrid club and live music experiences that, for example, gives a stage to virtual (live) DJing with virtual equipment. Virtual live music performances at Metaverse open up completely for artists, the collaboration between artists and labels, for music fans and also for marketing. Web 3.0 has given rise to completely new event spaces and enables new modes of artistic expression. But other areas of the music industry are also being enriched by MusicTech innovations. AI-based song analysis and similarity searches are another example of how companies and users benefit from completely new music experiences. Are MusicTech innovations currently at a tipping point?


Ereignisraum Berlin presents Nalan

Let yourself be inspired by the atmospheric vocals, synthesizer sound and urban melancholy of Berlin musician, producer and DJ Nalan Karacagil on September 22nd at 3.30 pm. Nalan will present her solo project together with her band at Häkken. Formerly known as slimgirl fat and part of the trio Gaddafi Gals, she is about to release her 1st album.

Header Foto: Louie Mushroom on Pixabay