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E-world Energy & Water

E-world, Energy & Water 2024

Meet Berlin & Brandenburg at the leading event of the European energy industry!

Visit the Berlin Brandenburg joint booth F118 in hall 4 and talk to the representatives of the exhibiting companies. 

The capital region Berlin Brandenburg

The German capital region provides a fertile ground for energy technology companies, combining research excellence, renewable energy leadership, an innovation-friendly environment, and a commitment to sustainability. It offers several key advantages for businesses in the field of energy technology:

  • Research Excellence: The region boasts numerous research facilities, universities, and institutions that provide first-class research and teaching in all areas of energy engineering. This strong academic foundation supports innovation and knowledge exchange within the energy sector.
  • Renewable Energy Leadership: Brandenburg is globally recognized as one of the leading regions in the expansion and system integration of renewable energy. Its commitment to sustainable practices aligns well with the energy transition goals. Additionally, Berlin’s status as a capital of digitization drives advancements in networking, sector coupling, and new business models.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Berlin’s vibrant ecosystem fosters creativity, collaboration, and technological breakthroughs. The city attracts talent and highly qualified professionals, making it an ideal hub for energy technology companies. Whether you’re setting up a new venture or expanding an existing one, Berlin offers attractive conditions and robust support.
  • Proximity to European Markets: Berlin’s strategic location allows companies to access the European market effectively. With the European Union being a significant player in renewable energy adoption and sustainability initiatives, Berlin provides a gateway to a large customer base.

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Mathias Nix
+49 30 46302-451

Berlin Brandenburg booth at E-World 2019
Berlin Brandenburg booth at E-World 2019

E-world Energy & Water

E-world energy & water is the place where the European energy industry comes together. Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision makers in Essen each year. More than one fifth of the exhibiting companies are based abroad. The majority of international exhibitors come from countries of the European Union. For more information visit the Website of E-world Energy & Water.


Messe Essen | Norbertstrasse 2 | 45141 Essen | Germany | Hall 4 Booth F118