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Hardt Hyperloop

Hyperloop Conference 2022

Meet us at the 1st international conference on high-speed transportation.


The Hyperloop Conference is the 1st international conference on high-speed transportation. Here, you will meet all the Players in the hyperloop ecosystem, including hyperloop start-ups, corporates, suppliers and investors. A day packed with talks, panel discussions and workshops all about the fourth mode of transportation.

Keynotes include:

  • The future of high-speed transportation
  • Mobilizing humanity in a new way
  • Saving money by repurposing infrastructure funds to Hyperloop
  • Building the european Hyperloop value chain
  • Magrail: How to ensure interoperability of conventional railways on the way towards hyperloop
  • Vacuum Valves for Hyperloop Transportation 
  • Vacuum Challenges of Hyperloop – A short Insight
  • Hyperloop infrastructure made smart: New steels and tube designs for the future
  • Standardization of Hyperloop systems – Quo vadis?

Masterclasses include:

  • Opportunities for Hyperloop routes in Europe and beyond
  • One Hyperloop Standard Worldwide: How it will look like?
  • Development and marketing of a hyperport transport system for standard ship containers to relieve the strain on the traffic infrastructure
  • MagRail – practical use-cases to enhance existing rail-service
  • Future mobility in Europe – Values shaped by Hyperloop
  • New business models for railway undertakings (RU) and infrastructure managers (IM)

For further information and details check out the Conference website

Header Image: Messe Berlin GmbH