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Quantum World Congress

Meet with Berlin QT Delegation at the Quantum World Congress!

Logo Quantum World Congress

When you attend the Quantum World Congress, take the opportunity to meet members of the Berlin Delegation. The overall objective of the mission is to connect Berlin-based QT companies with their US counterparts, create B2B meetings and networking opportunities and promote information exchange.

On September 28 there will be the Quantum Berlin Meets Washington - Pitch and Networking Event at the German Embassy.

The event is focused on connecting the quantum technology (QT) ecosystem of Berlin and Washington. As part of a weeklong delegation trip from September 25-29 the evening will showcase Berlin’s competencies in quantum technology, aims to facilitate B2B networking, and to strengthen transatlantic collaboration. The Berlin QT community is characterized by outstanding research on applied quantum technologies in sensing, computing and communication based on optics, photonics and microelectronics. The close cooperation between scientific institutions, innovative startups and established high-tech companies make the capital region a melting pot for future trends and technological developments using quantum technologies.

This event is presented by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce in Washington, DC, Connected DMV and Quantum World Congress

Quantum World Congress

Quantum World Congress is the first-of-its-kind global conference, exposition, and networking event that brings a quantum-ready future into focus. This event welcomes quantum technology visionaries, policymakers, researchers, business and investment leaders, educators, and students from all over the world to discuss and showcase major developments in quantum solutions, research, education, workforce, thought leadership, policy, business, and investment.

Header Foto:  JamesDeMers auf Pixabay