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Scaling Transatlantic AI: Berlin Meets Silicon Valley

The global AI market is shifting quickly from proof of concept to mass production. With a staggering $66.8 Bn in funding, double that of 2020, a new record in unicorn births, and a 96% increase in exit evaluations, 2021 was a year of unprecedented AI private market activity.

Since AI solutions are scaling quickly in almost every industry vertical across the globe, it's time for two leading AI ecosystems to join forces.

Berlin is the EUs most promising AI hub. Built on excellent research and driven by innovative startups and strong corporates its AI ecosystem benefits from record investments in 2021.

Silicon Valley is not only home to some of the most important players but has also accumulated the world’s biggest share of VC funding. In addition to that, it holds decades of experience especially when it comes to the implementation of solutions.

Together with the Thought Leaders and AI experts from both sides of the Atlantic, we want to find out:

  • What are the opportunities resulting from the fast scaling of AI solutions?
  • What are current trends & innovations?
  • How can startups learn from the best and avoid the pitfalls of implementation?
  • How can players navigate regulations on both sides?
  • What is the state of AI investment?

Why you should join:

  • Explore opportunities
  • Find ways to collaborate
  • Learn about the latest trends
  • Network & mingle in separate breakout rooms

Join us on May 5 at 5 pm CEST for this online event to help scale transatlantic AI innovations! Register now free of charge!


About the Organizers

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Berlin Partner works on economic growth, promotes business, technology and innovation, and presents the advantages of the German capital to companies, investors and talents. We support companies and scientific institutions that are already established in the region in their expansion plans and connect them within the strong Berlin Partner network. In addition, Berlin Partner's experts provide information on funding opportunities and advise on the search for suitable locations or highly qualified personnel.

Contact: Franziska Ehrhardt, Area Manager USA/ Canada (franziska.ehrhardt(at)

Representative of German Business (GACC West)

The GACC West is dedicated to connecting stakeholders and ideas in key industries, empowering innovation journeys, and creating economic opportunities for the transatlantic community. Whether it is providing access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, helping with a US market entry, finding strategic partnerships or facilitating knowledge exchange, the GACC West empowers German American entrepreneurs with launching and leading successful and future-oriented businesses.

Contact: Yiwen Wang, Community Manager (ywang(at)