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TBB - The Business Booster 2021

The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy’s annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. Each year the event rotates among European capital cities, which have included Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris. 

TBB The Business Booster Banner

Why participate?

  • You will have a chance to discover cutting edge technological solutions to enhance your product portfolio, see them here.
  • A great chance for you to detect new opportunities and business models for your company.
  • You will save time because innovations are segmented by market, helping you find the right solution for your business, see how they are segmented here.
  • Great place for you to find partnership opportunities.
  • You will have a chance to see live product demonstrations.
  • You can also pitch your challenges to the most innovative start-ups across Europe.
  • Also, increase your brand awareness by exhibiting in the Open Innovation area.

For more information please visit the conference website


Header photo by Adam Vradenburg on Unsplash