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VivaTech 2022

VivaTech 2022

Meet Berlin at Europe’s biggest startup and tech event

VivaTech is a springboard for nearly 2,000 early-stage startups hosted by major VivaTech partners. With some 3,000 VCs participating, there are opportunities around every corner for getting new funding, boosting growth and igniting business.

Visit us at our booth C33 and meet the people behind "Innovation Made in Berlin": 12 start-ups presenting innovative technological solutions and business models in the fields of artificial intelligence, healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, supply chains, design, logistics and advertising.

  • 5thIndustry: ready-to-use, SaaS-based apps to manage and automate the daily routines on a factory floor.
  • Creatext: AI based email personalization with hyper-personalized snippets, helping sales reps hit their monthly quotas.
  • Fairsenden: AI-driven and ​sustainable logistics​ to disrupt the European e-commerce market, building a highly scalable smart city logistics provider.
  • Jina AI: ecosystem of best-in-class products for AI-powered search applications including an “app store” for neural search building blocks, letting developers build neural search engines without needing ML knowledge.
  • Laemon: first IoT-enabled jewelry bracelet with integrated loud and silent alarm functions for personal safety on the market.
  • Lhotse Technologies: plug-and-play procurement execution platform for indirect procurement that makes hidden supplier data actionable in a seamlessly automated procurement process.
  • Lindera: AI-driven digital health application that measurably reduces fall risks as well as hospitality rates in nursing homes.
  • mama health shows chronic patients how others living the very same journey are dealing with it.
  • PAIR Finance: leading fintech for debt collection and receivables management in Germany. The company is transforming the debt collection industry by making receivables management sustainable, digital, efficient and customer-focused.
  • Theblood: the first European healthcare startup to use period blood as an opportunity for a non-invasive blood test.
  • SaaS B2B software solution created by designers for designers.
VivaTech 2022 Berlin-Paris Panel

Join us for the Roundtable on “Trends and Developments of the Berlin and Paris Ecosystems"!

We will be discussing with our partner Paris&Co about the trends and developments of the Berlin and Paris ecosystems. Nadine Jüdes, our Head of Digital Economy and Startups will be joined by Laurent Queige, Director of the Entertainment Division at Paris&Co to talk about the supports our organizations have to offer and the trends that shape both ecosystems and communities currently.

Where – VivaTech Booth C33
When – Thursday, June 16th - 9:45 – 10:20

Come and support our Berlin startups during the pitch competition dedicated to:

  • Enterprise Solutions on Wed. June 15th – 14:45 – 15:20
  • Health on Thursday, June 16th 9:00 – 09:35
  • Industruy on Thursday, June 16th 11:40 – 12:15
  • Future of Work on Thursday, June 16th  13:00 – 13:30
  • Security on Friday June 17th 10:30 – 11:05
  • Greentech on Friday June 17th 11:15 – 11:50
  • AI Solutions on Friday June 17th 13:00 – 13:30
Viva Technology Paris 2021
Viva Technology Paris 2021 ©VivaTech2021

About VivaTech

VivaTech is the biggest startup and tech event in Europe and is recognized worldwide as a powerful catalyst for business transformation, startup growth and innovation for the common good. For its 5th edition last June, VivaTech gathered more than 140,000 visitors, including 26,000 in person and reached more than 119 million people in 149 countries, thus generating 1.7 billion views thanks to a rich collection of more than 500 exceptional innovations, 1400 exhibitors including 60% in person as well as 400 speakers from around the world including Tim Cook (Apple), Eric S. Yuan (Zoom), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

 Header Image: VivaTech